Grow in the Hole

Grow in the Hole! is a procedurally generated 2D golf game created for Ludum Dare 34, with the theme of 'Growth' used. In the game the ball gets bigger after being hit and smaller after being holed, meaning players are tasked with both getting as low a score as possible and ensuring that they finish each hole before the ball becomes too big for the hole.

Bring Me Your Weak

Bring Me Your Weak was created as part of Ludum Dare 33, for which the theme was 'You Are The Monster'. The game tasks the player with routing a hero through a forest on a path that weakens them enough against weaker foes so that they are defeated by the 'boss' slime monster at the other end of the forest.

The Marketeer

The Marketeer was created over the course of a weekend as part of the 2015 King Game Jam. The game is a non-violent tower defence game, where the aim is to strategically place stalls along a path in order to gather money from shoppers and not go bankrupt before the end of the day.


Greenwich Mean Times

Created for the Digital Jam at the University of Greenwich in 2014, the theme of which was 'Greenwich Mean Time'. Greenwich Mean Times is a newspaper simulator which lets players create headlines from a range of words provided. Based on the headlines you create, players then gain or lose readers.