Claw Construction Crew

Claw Construction Crew was created as part of the 2019 Develop Game Jam, where the theme was “Brighton’s West Pier”. Attempt to rebuild Brighton's West Pier using the finest in hot air balloon claw machine technology!

A Classical Kickabout (Una Patada Clásica)

A Classical Kickabout was created as part of the Cultura Abierta game jam, where games had to use public domain cultural content created in Spain. The game is a local multiplayer football-based tug of war featuring Python-esque animation and a backdrop of classical Spanish landscape artwork.


Clickity was created as part of Ludum Dare 39, for which the theme was 'Running out of Power'. A fast-paced resource management-focused 'idle' game, players are tasked with building up a settlement from only the surrounding trees. In order to succeed, players need to ensure their supply chain keeps running smoothly to keep their settlement growing, all the while making sure the power keeps flowing.

Bring Me Your Weak

Bring Me Your Weak was created as part of Ludum Dare 33, for which the theme was 'You Are The Monster'. The game tasks the player with routing a hero through a forest on a path that weakens them enough against weaker foes so that they are defeated by the 'boss' slime monster at the other end of the forest.

Greenwich Mean Times

Created for the Digital Jam at the University of Greenwich in 2014, the theme of which was 'Greenwich Mean Time'. Greenwich Mean Times is a newspaper simulator which lets players create headlines from a range of words provided. Based on the headlines you create, players then gain or lose readers.

The Marketeer

The Marketeer was created over the course of a weekend as part of the 2015 King Game Jam. The game is a non-violent tower defence game, where the aim is to strategically place stalls along a path in order to gather money from shoppers and not go bankrupt before the end of the day.